Building cool animated tiles with Rx

I have a small WP7 project called Summarize. It is a fun math-based game (check it out for free). It has a nice effect of loading tiles. Several people has asked me how

MVVM + TPL + Unit tests

UPD: This implementation didn’t work as well as expected, please read the follow-up article. Recently I’ve faced an issue with writing unit tests for view model commands that use Task Parallel

Building advanced MVVM commands, Part 1

If you follow the MVVM pattern while developing your WPF/Silverlight applications, then you are probably familiar with DelegateCommand (or RelayCommand, as it is called sometimes) model. In brief: it is an implementation

WPF Explorer TreeView with SelectedPath binding

While working on one of my projects, I had to implement a control for displaying file system. I found pretty good articles over the web (“A Simple WPF Explorer Tree” by Sacha Barber