Task Commands revisited

Half a year ago I blogged about using TPL with MVVM in a test-friendly way. My solution turned out to be pretty handy, though it was far from being perfect. In this post

Secondary tile backward compatibility

Just in several hours after LateReader v.1.2 being published, I received an error report saying that “No XAML found at the location XXX”. Wait, but that’s an old URI, used

Building cool animated tiles with Rx

I have a small WP7 project called Summarize. It is a fun math-based game (check it out for free). It has a nice effect of loading tiles. Several people has asked me how

MVVM + TPL + Unit tests

UPD: This implementation didn’t work as well as expected, please read the follow-up article. Recently I’ve faced an issue with writing unit tests for view model commands that use Task Parallel

Building advanced MVVM commands, Part 1

If you follow the MVVM pattern while developing your WPF/Silverlight applications, then you are probably familiar with DelegateCommand (or RelayCommand, as it is called sometimes) model. In brief: it is an implementation

WPF Explorer TreeView with SelectedPath binding

While working on one of my projects, I had to implement a control for displaying file system. I found pretty good articles over the web (“A Simple WPF Explorer Tree” by Sacha Barber