Your code sucks

So you are sitting at your desk wondering how come your beautifully- and carefully-thought abstractions have turned into an ugly monster, and why your precious codebase smells like a giant mess. You may

On flat design

The flat is the new black. You’ve probably noticed that the flat is the most trendy thing in the mobile and web design topic these days (however, the true hipster may tell

Silverlight Unit Testing NuGet package

Silverlight Toolkit has several NuGet packages (Core, Input, Theming, etc.). Unfortunately, Unit Testing Framework, which comes as a part of downloadable toolkit version, was not available for the fellow NuGet users. Until now.

Async sequential workflows

В последнее время всё чаще приходится сталкиваться с задачами, требующими выполнения последовательных асинхронных операций. Примером может служить загрузка файлов на мобильном устройстве. Учитывая что телефон может работать на слабом мобильном соединении, нам вряд

Task Commands revisited

Half a year ago I blogged about using TPL with MVVM in a test-friendly way. My solution turned out to be pretty handy, though it was far from being perfect. In this post

Secondary tile backward compatibility

Just in several hours after LateReader v.1.2 being published, I received an error report saying that “No XAML found at the location XXX”. Wait, but that’s an old URI, used