Andrew Khmylov

Andrew Khmylov

On being mediocre

I've never been special and I've always struggled to achieve. Whenever I pick up any programming challenge, it takes me too long to complete it, and then I see folks doing it much

Random Things I Liked, Dec 2022

I'd like to try a new challenge for myself to start building an archive of things I find interesting. Not sure if it's going to be a monthly, quarterly, or even annual thing,

What's the point?

It has occurred to me this week that I haven't written anything here for almost 2 years now. Why's that? Don't I have anything important to say anymore? Is blogging still a thing

Не верю в no-code

Волны хайпа вокруг no-code выросли до невероятных масштабов, и недавняя отличная статья vas3k по этой теме заставила меня вновь направить туда вектор внимания. К тому же самые бросающиеся в глаза атрибуты no-code вроде

So How Do You Improve Yourself?

I started reading Apprenticeship Patterns a few days ago. It started with the notion of mentorship, and it struck me in the weak spot, because that’s what I’ve been thinking a

Abstract enough

Programmers tend to think there is something special about them. However, a vast amount of IT jobs out there is mostly about business automation and solving auxiliary tasks, with client software being just

How we build Targetprocess

Preface For the last 2 years my professional career have been diverging further and further away from the path it was set on early. I’ve started as a desktop application developer a

How to set up a modern web app and stay sane

Long story short, I had to create a modern web app. Actually, it was an HTML page prototype for our new feature. Basic layout and a fairly complex JavaScript to check our design

Are you ashamed of your API?

I’ve been integrating some older modules of our codebase into a new one recently, which naturally involved finding the colleagues with the respective knowledge of those modules and asking them questions. It’

On Book Libraries

My grandparents used to have a huge home library in their old house. My parents had a smaller one, most of the books were either borrowed from their parents’ libraries or were purchased