Mini Recorder 2.3.0 released

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The new 2.3.0 update brings several major improvements and fixes the known issues.

1. Fixed issues with clipping and repeating sound when recording under the locked screen.
Some phones (especially, the older ones) were affected by this severe bug, which corrupted the audio files when the phone’s screen became locked during the recording. Basically, when the user locks the screen, the Windows Phone operating system goes into the low-power mode. The documentation recommends to pause active foreground processes, stop the timers, etc. Turned out that the IO system became the performance bottleneck once the screen got locked, and the app was unable to properly process the microphone buffer data. Lowering down the auto-save operation frequency allowed to fix this issue.

2. Recording is automatically paused when application is deactivated.
If you press the search or the start button while recording, the app will automatically pause itself. And when you return to the app, the recording timer will display the correct duration.

3. Application tries to save the current recording when closing unexpectedly.
Let’s accept it – each and every app has bugs. Sometimes these bugs are not even noticeable, and sometimes they cause the unexpected errors, which crash the app. With the new 2.3.0 version, if such error occurs, Mini Recorder will try to save the currently active recording before closing.

4. User can pin the recording to the start screen.
At the recording details page tapping the “pin” icon on the application bar will create a secondary live tile, displaying the recording name and duration (and even the attached photo, if selected) on the front side and the small notes excerpt on the back side.

5. [Windows Phone 8 only] User can export the recording to the Media Library.
If you are running Mini Recorder on the Windows Phone 8 device, you will see the new “music+videos hub” option. Choosing it will copy the audio file to the /Music folder on your phone. You can access the exported files either from the built-in Music+Videos app (look for the new Mini Recorder artist) or by connecting the phone to your PC (look for /Music/Mini Recorder folder). Isn’t it cool? You don’t even need to connect your cloud storage accounts anymore.

6. User can turn off the level meter.
The fancy animated tiles may not fit everyone’s preferences. If you would like to turn them off, just head to the settings page.

7. Fixed some Skydrive uploading issues.
If your the title of your recording contained one of the reserved characters, like slash or question mark, the Skydrive refused to upload it. The recent version automatically replaces them with the underscore symbol.

You can download the recent FREE version here –

If you want to thank me and donate 2 bucks please consider purchasing the paid version –

Much more features are planned for the upcoming versions. If you have any suggestions, or would like to report an error – contact me from the app’s feedback page.

Mini Recorder updated to 1.2

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Mini Recorder, a minimalistic digital audio recorder for Windows Phone have been updated to version 1.2.

While there are no new features in this release, it brings several hot fixes reported by users. Especially, the major one that caused compression settings not being applied when uploading files to Dropbox.

Go grab it at the marketplace for free!